About This Website

Hi! I'm k4rim, the sole creator behind this website. I'm a software engineer, a math enthusiast, and an ultimate science nerd. I've been making random things on the internet since I was 16 and have been forever obsessed with science. I created this website in February 2023 to help others discover new things and spark their curiosity. I got inspired by Neal Agarwal and his fun web pages on neal.fun, especially his deep-sea project. I wanted to see more content like it: fun, weird, nerdy, and helpful, but I couldn't find anything close. So I went and made my own here. Here, I research and make projects on many topics related to math, physics, space, and any other things that I find interesting. Each project is like a mini-website that covers a unique science topic, and they all take days of deep research, planning, designing, and coding. Feel free to contact me on Twitter (or X), where I share updates and my progress on new projects I'm working on.