Nerd Flirt

Physics Pick-up Lines

A drawing of the famous equation 'E = mc^2'.
A drawing of an apple on a tree branch.

If you were a physics unit, you'd be a Newton, because you've got the force of attraction.

A drawing of a floating magnet on top of a superconductor.

You must be a superconductor because I feel zero resistance when I'm around you.

A drawing of a structure of stones on top of each other, one of the lower stones is labeled "You".

Are you a Higgs Boson? Because without you, my universe wouldn't hold together.

A drawing of the scattering of a photon.

If I were a photon, I'd choose to be scattered by you.

A drawing of a galaxy.

You must be a galaxy because you've got a stellar body.

A drawing of a quark.

You're fundamental to my existence, just like a quark.

A drawing of gadgets used in physics experiments.

Are you a physics experiment? Because I want to do you repeatedly.

A drawing of a fusion reactor.

You must be a fusion reactor because you're making my heart melt.

A drawing of a photon.

What's common between you and a photon? You both bring color into my life.

A drawing of a locked heart with a key unlocking it.

You must be a physics professor because you've got the formula for my heart.

A drawing of a particle accelerator.

Are you a particle accelerator? Because you make my heart race at high velocity.

A drawing of an audio wave graph.

You are the perfect wave because you seem to be just my frequency.

A drawing of a one-star system.

You must be a celestial body because I'm in orbit around your beauty.

A drawing of an electron and a proton. The equation "F = k(You)(Me)/r^2" is below them.

I think my electrons and your protons have some serious potential energy. Wanna convert it to kinetic?

A drawing of a romantic ruler.

Are you a unit of measure? Because you're my meter of perfection.