Nerd Flirt

Space Pick-up Lines

A drawing of a black hole.
A drawing of a beautiful eye with stars in it.

Was your father an astronomer? Because I think he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.

A drawing of a person falling for another person, with a heart emoji near them.

Even if there were zero gravity, I'd still fall for you.

A drawing of a shiny star on a dark night.

Are you a star? Because your light guides me in the darkest nights.

A drawing of a black hole sucking a person.

Are you a black hole? Because you're irresistibly attractive and I'm getting lost in your gravity.

A drawing of a heart vibrating.

You must be a solar flare because you've just sent a surge of energy through my heart.

A drawing of the Big Bang.

If you were a space event, you'd be the Big Bang, because you've started my universe.

A drawing of dark smoke.

You must be made of dark matter because you're indescribably attractive.

A drawing of a person wearing PPE near a normal person.

If love was cosmic radiation, I'd be in a full-body suit to protect myself, but around you, I'd take it off.

A drawing of a celestial objects orbiting a woman.

Are you a satellite? Because you're orbiting my thoughts all day and night.

A drawing of a heart on fire.

Are you a comet? Because you leave a glowing path in my heart.

A drawing of two aliens.

You must be an alien because your beauty is out of this world.

A drawing of NASA's Curiosity rover.

Are you Mars? Because you make my curiosity rover.

A drawing of an apple and arrows representing forces acting on it.

Is your name Newton? Because you've got some attractive forces acting on me.

A drawing of a pocket watch.

You must be the speed of light because time stops when I look at you.

A drawing of a thermometer on fire.

You must be the reason for global warming because you're hot.