A Black Hole

A Black Hole (src)

Sonification of the black hole at the center of the Perseus cluster.

Black Hole Merger

Black Hole Merger (src)

Sonification of the gravitational waves emitted from the merger of two black holes.

A Comet

A Comet (src)

The sound of Tempel 1 comet passing by NASA's Stardust spacecraft.

The Sun

The Sun (src)

Sonification of the Sun's vibrations by the Stanford Experimental Physics Lab.


Mercury (src)

Sonification of Mercury's solar wind.


Venus (src)

Sonification of Venus' radio emissions recorded by NASA's Parker Solar Probe.

The Earth

The Earth (src)

Sonification of the Earth's magnetic field by the Technical University of Denmark.


Mars (src)

The sound of Mars' wind recorded by NASA's Perseverance rover.


Jupiter (src)

Sonification of Jupiter's radio waves recorded by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.


Saturn (src)

Sonification of Saturn's radio emissions.


Uranus (src)

Sonification of Uranus magnetosphere's chorus waves recorded by NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft.


Neptune (src)

Sonification of Neptune.